A history of how people used to dress in the 1930s

However, towards the end of the Thirties a more casual wear developed.

A history of how people used to dress in the 1930s

Hat brims were narrow, turned down in front and up in the back, and worn at a rakish angle. As waistlines rose, shoulders broadened with some dresses and suits featuring shoulder pads. The aim was to slenderize with clean, straight lines and a neat, tailored cut to dresses.

Diagonal lines were popular with many of the top fashion designers. Jackets were short, bolero style in both sportswear and evening wear, though a few suits were shown with longer jackets to slenderize.

The dress patterns offered suggested the appropriate age for wearing the outfits but most were for ages 14 - After age 20, what was a gal to wear? No answer to this question was presented. The wordage used to describe fashion was a bit different in those days.

Even middle class women wore evening gowns back then. A popular look for evening wear was modern Grecian, a classic, yet romantic look with dresses cut on the bias creating a sleek elegance. Historic Fashion Design - Hisotric Dress Patterns of the s The lovely gray outfit at the right looks like a suit but is a one piece dress with the high waist typical of fashion design.

The red scarf offers a jaunty note to the clean lines of this attractive frock. Pattern design by Shiaparelli. The black dress with a red belt is by Bruyere of tailored chiffon. The crossed bands accentuate the diagonal, a slenderizing touch. Notice that both models wear hats, dur rigueur for the well dressed woman of the time.

Historic Fashion Design of The Great Depression Sportswear - The gray dress at right features a loose, draped collar and a popular new accessory, a soft, crushed scarf.

A history of how people used to dress in the 1930s

Pattern by Lucille Paray The red print dress is by Shiaparelli. The slenderizing bodice and diagonal lines accentuated the clean lines and tubular look that was prominent in fashions.

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Note the smart buttons added as trim. The dress features an interesting, diagonally closed bodice with large buttons.

Notice the flared sleeves. Suggested fabrics include silk jersey, or cotton tweed. Notice the longer jacket length and the belled sleeves.

The picture above was not presented as a fashion sketch but as an illustration for a short story. Inwomen did occasionally wear trousers for certain activities though not for day to day wear.

The young lady looks quite sporty in her jodhpurs, one of the only women featured in the magazine to be shown wearing pants.Life on America's farms in the s and s meant hard work and frugal habits. Farm families were used to "making do" with what they had, wasting nothing that could be recycled or reused.

With feed sacks and flour bags, farmwomen took thriftiness to new heights of creativity, transforming the. Vintage Style s Dresses Top Selected Products and Reviews Mmondschein Women Vintage s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace A-line Party Dress This dress was pretty much what I expected from the pictures.

The fabric is heavy and has quite a bit of stretch to it. The nice part is that the colors are as vibrant as they show in the photos. s Prices including inflation prices for homes, wages and cars, News, Events from the Great Depression and popular culture including the growth of Big Band Music.

Dress, also called apparel or attire, clothing and accessories for the human alphabetnyc.com variety of dress is immense. The style that a particular individual selects is often linked to that person’s sex, age, socioeconomic status, culture, geographic area, and historical era.

Oct 08,  · Fashion History - Ladies' Fashion Designs of the s. Updated on August 3, Dolores Monet. more. Dolores's interest in fashion history dates from her teenage years when vintage apparel was widely available in thrift stores.

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