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Animal experimentation pros essay writer

Essay on Animal Testing: Coolessay in Other Taking into account broad discussions around the issue of animal testing, once you get an assignment to write an essay on this topic you should pick a side which you support.

Typically, you will be assigned to complete an argumentative paper, therefore, clarifying your position is exceptionally important for developing your thesis statement and choosing proper arguments. If you decide to defend animal testing, you may use the ideas for arguments, which our writing service prepared for you.

Animal Testing Is Essential for Developing Life-Saving Treatments Medical researchers state that it is animal testing that contributed to the most progressive developments in medicine and health care.

Due to experiments on animals now we have treatments for diabetics, brain injuries, breast cancer, malaria and tuberculosis. Especially, doctors highlight the importance of using chimps for testing as they are helpful in finding treatment for Hepatitis B and C.

Pros and cons of animal experimentation essay

Some scientists suggest testing on cell organisms; however, it is hardly possible, as such states as blood pressure or blindness cannot be studied in these tissues. Nowadays, a number of computer models were developed to substitute animal testing.

animal experimentation pros essay writer

They do provide accurate data, but still they are not as complex as live organisms and cannot simulate brain activity. Animals Are the Most Biologically Similar Species to People Typically, mammals have the same organs as people, and are also genetically close to them.

Central nervous and bloodstream systems are the same for humans and animals as well, which makes both susceptible to similar diseases. Ethical Side of Animal Testing Usually animal testing is necessary for checking medical drugs and treatments on toxicity.

In this case risking human life is unethical, as those risks are not necessary. What is more, according to the Helsinki Medical Association, human testing cannot go before animal experiments.

Benefits for Animals Due to testing vaccines on animals, we save them from numerous illnesses which can cause death. Also, it helps to avoid animal extinction. Regulations of Animal Testing It is a well-known fact that animal testing is strictly regulated today, as animal rights protection is a current issue.

A number of organizations exist nowadays that deal with controlling whether animal rights are not violated, and animals do not suffer from humans abusing them.

Advantages of Animal Testing Animals tend to possess shorter cycles of life, which is why they are better objects for experiments than humans. Short life cycles allow to observe all the effects during only some months or years, while human testing cannot provide such rapid results. Animals Are Treated Humanely Researchers that held the experiments treat animals humanely, as they do understand all the conditions and possible results of testing.

It is done in order to ensure the effects of tests and for the sake of animals. It will make your animal testing argumentative essay less biased and more profound as you would look at the issue from a different perspective.

Adaptability and innovation have always been most desired attributes of any society. However, in case of such experiments many researchers and companies do not want to relinquish the old practices. There are many reasons for that, and in your animal experimentation essay I suggest that you explore them in detail.

The Issue of Ethics It may seem like the easiest point of debunk in a pro animal testing essay. Nonetheless, they can suffer just like humans do, and very often their agony results in a premature death. In your animal testing essay, you can explore this issue from a philosophical perspective.Expository Essay on Animal Experimentation This type of composition examines the facts of the subject matter.

You do not have to pick a stand on right or wrong; the point is to be as informative as you can on both sides of the coin and analyze them.

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Animal experimentation in this context defines the use of non-humans, mostly animals, Animal Testing Living in the twenty-first century society is beginning to raise questions about the importance and relevance of issues that could very easily alter our way of living.

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There are many reasons for that, and in your animal experimentation essay I suggest that you explore them in detail. So, let’s study the cons. The Issue of Ethics. It may seem like the easiest point of debunk in a pro animal testing essay.

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How to Write Persuasive Essays on Animal Testing Unlike an argumentative essay where you are arguing two sides of a topic, a persuasive piece focuses on only one. You present your ethical stand on a matter and persuade the reader that it is the best option.

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