Background of video rental system

Universal City Studiosthe "Betamax case"with the U. Supreme Court determining home videotaping to be legal in the United States, wherein home videotape cassette recorders were a legal technology since they had substantial noninfringing uses. This precedent was later invoked in MGM v. Groksterwhere the high court agreed that the same "substantial noninfringing uses" standard applies to authors and vendors of peer-to-peer file sharing software notably excepting those who "actively induce" copyright infringement through "purposeful, culpable expression and conduct".

Background of video rental system

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This is a simple video rental system this is a project of mine when im second year.. This video rental program in C# has many function..

and u use sql server as a database for this program.. username:admin password:kevin username:cashier password:kevin. The Video Rental System Example Context DFD.

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The figure below shows a context Data Flow Diagram that is drawn for a video rental system. It contains a process (shape) that represents the system to model, in this case, the "Video Rental Store". It also shows the participants who will interact with the system, called the external entities.

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Background of video rental system

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