Effects of energy crisis essays

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Effects of energy crisis essays

There are outline, reasons and solutions for this crisis in Pakistan. Essay On Load Shedding Energy Crisis Essay with Outline for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation Effects, Reasons and Solutions Importance of electricity in our daily life Effects of load shedding on the life of a common man Effects of load shedding on economy and business Why we do not have sufficient supply of power reasons of load shedding in Pakistan How we can overcome this energy crisis Electric energy is of utmost importance for the survival of modern life.

The prosperity of a country is directly linked to the supply of energy electricity is needed in every sector of modern life. The working at railways, hospitals, business centres, entirely depends on electricity.

Effects of energy crisis essays

Without electricity, our farms and industry will stop production. Our houses, trade centres, roads, schools and colleges will turn into graveyards. It is unfortunate that the production of such a vital thing is insufficient in Pakistan.

The production of electricity is far less than the growing needs of our farms, industries, mills and factories. The population of our country is growing at a very rapid rate. The production of electricity is far less to meet the increasing needs of our future.

The result is that we have to resort to load shedding in the country.

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The load shedding has affected our country badly. It has disturbed our social, economic and cultural life badly. The industry and business in the country come to a halt during the prolonged hours of load shedding.

The hospitals and medical educational centres suffer a lot.

Energy Crisis Essay

The business centres are plunged into darkness. The traffic on roads is disturbed badly. Everything suffers a jolt. The whole stream of life stops. Such a thing is not possible if we have sufficient supply of power.

We do not have sufficient supply of power due to the following reasons. We generate electricity from water, Oil, coal and gas. Water is the cheapest source of producing electricity. We have failed to build Kala Bagh Dam.

Had it been built, the power supply would have been in plentiful and at the same time, it would have been cheap. The electricity generated by coal, gas and oil is very costly. The electricity produced by these elements is called thermal power.

The setting up of the thermal power station is highly expensive for a developing country, like ours. The electricity supplied by thermal stations is not affordable for the consumers. It is not even suitable for the competitive industry of the country.An energy crisis, like any other crisis in the field of economic activity, can be brought about by a number of factors: organised labour strikes, embargoes by governments, over-consumption, aging infrastructure, and bottlenecks at production centres and port facilities.

Energy Crisis Causes, Effects and Remedies Written by: Aliza Fatima on June 15, Not so long ago, have Pakistanis seen halcyon days, when the land of milk and honey was ignorant of energy crisis, load shedding and other such terminologies. Essay on Load Shedding with Outline is here for students of different classes to get prepared.

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| Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Causes and Consequences SYNOPSIS: 1) Introduction 2) Present energy picture of Pakistan3) Causes behind the energy crisis in Pakistan a. Poor energy planning b. Non use of alternative energy resources c. Rely on quick fixes to solve the crisis d. Energy crisis and environmental pollution are highlighted to be one of the major global problems in the 21st century.

For the past years, human society has had a ravenous appetite for fossil fuels. The huge increase in human population and also the industrial revolution were .

Effects of energy crisis essays
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