Essay on taxing the rich

Now, as Democrats are looking to compete in andmany are embracing ambitious, expensive ideas like Medicare for all, free college, and universal pre-kindergarten—while proclaiming the necessity of higher taxes on the wealthy.

Essay on taxing the rich

Essay on taxing the rich

Messenger The new tax reform bill has led to an intense debate over whether it would help or hurt the poor. Tax reform in general raises critical issues about whether the government should redistribute income and promote equality in the first place.

Jews and Christians look to the Bible for guidance about these questions. And while the Bible is clear about aiding the poor, it does not provide easy answers about taxing the rich.

But even so, over the centuries biblical principles have provided an understanding on how to help the needy.

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The Hebrew Bible and the poor The Hebrew Bible has extensive regulations that require the wealthy to set aside for the poor a portion of the crops that they grow. Farmers are also prohibited from reaping the corners of their fields so that the poor can access and use for their own food the crops grown there.

In fact, every seventh year, during the sabbatical year, all debts are forgiven and everything that grows in the land is made available freely to all people.

Then, in the great jubileecelebrated every 50 years, property returns to its original owner.

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This means that, in the biblical model, no one can permanently hold onto something that finally belongs to God. Throughout Christian history, taxation has been considered an essential government responsibility. These laws also shaped early American approaches to social welfare.

The common good Over the last two centuries, new economic realities have raised new challenges in applying biblical principles to economic life. Approaches not foreseen in biblical times emerged in an attempt to respond to new situations. The Salvation Army bucket.

Elvert BarnesCC BY In the 19th century, organizations like the Salvation Army believed that Christians should go out of the churches and into the streets to care for the destitute. During this period, the United States also saw the rise of the social gospel movement that emphasized biblical ideals of justice and equality.

Poverty was considered a social problem that required a comprehensive social — and governmental — response. And when it comes to taxes, no one should pay more or less than they are able.

Mercy, not the market Human life has become more interconnected.

Essay on taxing the rich

But even with this deepening interdependence, by some measures, inequality has risen worldwide. In the United States alone, the top 1 percent possess an increasingly larger share of national income.

What social policy will do the most good? But given the Jewish and Christian commitment to the poor, the question is perhaps a factual one: What social policy does the most good? In the Gospel of LukeJesus taught: Your gift will return to you in full.Famous author Stephen King wrote a vulgar article in the Daily Beast calling on Congress to raise taxes on the wealthy.

He is just one of several high-profile rich guys, including Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg, that want to pay more in taxes. However, raising taxes on the wealthy is the wrong approach that will hurt everyone.

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After accounting for taxes and transfers, the U.S. had the second-highest level of inequality, after Chile. 3 The black-white income gap in the U.S. has persisted. The difference in median household incomes between whites and blacks has grown from about $19, in to roughly $27, in (as measured in dollars).

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