High drop out from school among girls in tanzania essay

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High drop out from school among girls in tanzania essay

School Drop Out Prevention Policy School Drop Out Prevention Policy Towards creation of policies and programs, SDPP along with their partner Quality Education and Skills Training QUEST developed a list of 40 topics which provided reasons for school dropouts and means to be adopted in order to meet the challenges of high rate of school dropouts in India by developing and documenting programs, directed towards the target group, for implementation of the same.

These programs and policies are the result of interventions by SDPP relating to the educational context. The centrally sponsored flagship program of Government of India, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSA has been developed to ensure that all educational policies are implemented as per the plans.

The program has provided scope for the provision of several outreach and bridge programs in order to re-educate out of school children by enrolling them in a transit class and helping them learn the subjects that they failed to learn in the break period after dropping out in child-friendly classrooms aiming for inclusive growth of the dropout students towards acquiring their basic education.

Initially a list of 42 policy topics were included for evaluation of policies related to dropout prevention which was later on reduced to Selection of topics to overcome this problem in education system was based on the goal targeted towards encouragement of parents to educate their children like slashing fees for public schools, putting curbs and bans on child laboursupport of teachers to pursue quality education for students like their code of conduct, use of mother tongue to teach local studentsor support for the children to stay in school like availing female-friendly facilities, proper health care facility in schools, clean hostels and dormitories.

The 5 most important areas which were included in the policy are: The educational laws and rules of the country were designed to implement, address the need for free and compulsory education RTE Act, and identify the factors which hamper some children from gaining access to education like inability to pay for the cost of uniforms, stationaries, entrance fees, gender issues, lack of facilities for enrolment of at-risk children or children with disabilities, a rigid school schedule that prevents the children from agricultural families from attending the school during agricultural season when they are required to help their families in their work, no provision for alternative educational programs and other vocational programs to help dropout children in continuing their studies.

These facilities include the provision of female-friendly facilities and clean dormitories or hostels providing good food. This provision seeks to develop and improve the process of delivery of education services in classrooms to condemn any kind of misbehaviour by teachers, discrimination, partiality and facilitate a friendly learning environment ensured by qualified teachers.

The provision for these comprise of services such as bridge courses for overage dropout students, a noontime meal for poor children in government schools, health care facilities for weak students, or promotion of life skill classes.

High drop out from school among girls in tanzania essay

This provision mitigates the negative effects of cultural practices which affects the child's continuance in the education system due to child marriage, early pregnancy, and other rites of passage. In ,the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan SSA Framework of Implementation was updated by the government by specifying the means how the policy for dropout prevention can be implemented and along the same line authorized the SSA to monitor its implementation.

A review on the legal context of education in India was done to include a list of factors into consideration which help the children to gain access or retention in school.

Such factors were identified as: Examinations to enter a new grade or cycle in schools 2. Easier Promotion, a minimum quota for passing the student or provision of automatic promotion 3.

Gender sensitive classrooms, to encourage girls to continue education; 4.

Not what you're looking for? Drop Out of School Today many young people do not realize the importance of an education so dropping out of school becomes an option.

Flexibility in School calendar, flexibility of schooling for children who are needed to support their families in agriculture or fishing during the respective seasons 6. Small Class size, a smaller class size to promote personal attention to students; 7.

Lifting bars on Age limits; to be removed for acquiring school education 8.

High drop out from school among girls in tanzania essay

Reducing the distance of school from habitation, reduce the distance of school from children's home. Set up of a school at every kms distance from habitation ; 9. Transportation facility, providing cycles, buses and other modes of transport to pick children Transfer requirements between the schools in different regions to help the student to continue with their studies The concept of enrolling 50 percent female teachers in elementary schools, and a number of programs to promote female literacy, non-formal education centres and bridge programs for girls and at-risk children to come back to school, c residential schools for girls from disadvantaged groups who might face difficulty in attending her school regularly, and assistance on cash, uniforms, and books and other items for poor children.

Supporting at-risk students - Inclusive educational framework for at-risk children and those with disabilities; through non-formal education centres, bridge programs, scholarships, etc.

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The government has given directions to schools for having a teacher per class for each subjects like science, mathematics, social and language from standard while in cases where the student enrolment exceedsthe school is required to recruit a full-time teacher and some part-time instructors taking classes on art education, physical education, and other work related education.

The prescribed pupil-teacher ratio for secondary school is set at Indian government has laid down strict limits on reach and access of a school within 5 kms from the child's habitation for secondary school and within kms for higher secondary education from the student's habitation. Also the schools are asked by some states to provide transportation facility to help children with disabilities and children travelling to school from distant places.

The government in some states has provided bicycles to girls to facilitate and promote girl child education. The government has set guidelines for providing female-friendly facilities in school like a separate girl's toilet, Hostel facility, Dormitories and rest rooms for girls, drinking water facility, a neat kitchen to prepare nutritional mid-day meals for students, a playground and enough open space for students to practice sports and address the safety and security concerns of the students like fire alarm, proper earthling facility, first aid, etc.

Aiding the professional development of school teachers by Authorizing in-service Training for their improved performance 2.A recent study on high school students of Philadelphia, which was conducted by Ruth Curran Neild and Robert Balfanz (), found that among every five students working on their high school diploma, three teenagers have reportedly dropped out which is a sad figure.

Dec 03,  · High Drop Out from School Among Girls in Tanzania Essay PROPOSED RESEARCH TITLE: HIGH DROP OUT FROM SCHOOL AMONG GIRLS IN TANZANIA Abstract Drop out from school among girls is a global phenomenon.

High School dropout is referred to student quitting high school prematurely or before graduation. Many reasons and factors are responsible for dropping out of school. We will write a custom essay sample on High School Dropout Rates specifically for you for only $ $/page.

High Drop Out from School Among Girls in Tanzania ; . Table (Digest ): Percentage of high school dropouts among persons 16 to 24 years old (status dropout rate), by income level, and percentage distribution of status dropouts, by labor force status and years of school . Sep 07,  · High School dropout is referred to student quitting high school prematurely or before graduation.

Many reasons and factors are responsible for dropping out of school. Dropping out of school may be a singular reason of the child or a logical agreement between the child and the parent. among girls of secondary school age, only 13 out of were in school.

Those girls in third level, grades nine and ten, only out of were in school (UNESCO, ).

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