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The JJC is the single agency of State government with centralized authority for planning, policy development and provision of services in the juvenile justice system. Its three primary responsibilities are the care and custody, and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders committed to the agency by the courts, the support of local efforts to provide services to at risk and court involved youth, and the supervision of youth on juvenile Jnkl nj.

Every decision is made with the understanding that it is our responsibility to maintain personal safety, promote responsibility and build stronger communities. In order to achieve that goal, the JJC has undertaken diverse measures to address the multifaceted issue of juvenile justice.

The JJC emphasizes accountability and offers programming that afford young people the opportunity to become independent, productive and law abiding citizens. Continuum of Care The Juvenile Justice Commission provides a continuum of care for juveniles placed under its supervision including residential community homessecure care facilities and parole services.

Together with State law and judicial decisions, the specific needs and history of each juvenile determine his or her placement in this continuum. Secure Care The Commission operates four facilities identified as secure.

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Secure facilities are full care institutions providing all services on the grounds of the facility, including education, vocational programming, counseling and medical services. Correctional Officers are employed at these facilities to maintain a secure setting.

All facilities provide year round education focused toward the attainment of a high school diploma, GED or college credit, as well as vocational programming. Religious opportunities, group and individual counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, physical education, family life and health education, and post-release planning are also provided at all secure facilities.


These programs are designed to provide a less restrictive setting for youth who do not require a secure setting and demonstrate the ability to accept additional responsibility. Juveniles placed in Residential Community Homes participate in organized programming outside of the facility, including community service projects, and educational and vocational training.

The JJC has responded with a comprehensive program that addresses youth gangs at all levels. This evidence-based course can be tailored for youth in secure detention and JJC residential and day programs, as well as county-operated detention centers and community-based programs.

The most important goal of the curriculum is developing self-efficacy skills, thereby allowing juveniles to understand how to react to risky situations, and to think through their actions and responses to avoid future gang involvement.

To expands its reach, the JJC is forming partnerships with communities to train others in the Phoenix curriculum. Experienced JJC staff are also available to conduct workshops.

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Jnkl nj

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