Pogoplug business plan

Download times were slow, and out stopped sharing all the folders I had selected. Dan Holloway Paid for unlimited but they throttle you slower than dialup Slow and they will not respond to your emails.

Pogoplug business plan

With this you can backup any number of phones, tablets, and computers. Unlimited Pogoplug business plan Pogoplug is truly unlimited. There are no storage or file size limits, and no extra charges.

The Pogoplug main screen. You can select additional folders to include in your backup, as well as external hard drives. Backups are run automatically when files change on your computer.

What Is Cloud Computing and How Does It Work? - Definition & Overview All of the features included in the Basic and Plus plans; Automatic video backup; Courier recovery service; Supports only Windows devices Note that all of the above-mentioned pricing tiers also include a days trial program.

No intervention is needed on your part; Pogoplug is all about keeping things simple. In my tests, Pogoplug did not backup all my files. The way to get around this is to choose all the folders you want to backup manually.


Click on the Restore tab. Select files or folders to restore.

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Right-click and choose Restore. Restoring a folder in Pogoplug. The Web Interface Files can also be accessed from the web interface. This is basically an online library of your files you can access from any browser.

File Versioning and Deleted Files I was disappointed to learn Pogoplug does not support file versioning, which is a standard feature on almost all online backup and cloud storage services.

File versioning is important for protection against viruses, since it lets you undo changes to infected files. This could lead to a seriously cluttered cloud storage experience. I tested the Android app and thought it was fairly straightforward and easy to use. I could access all my files stored in the cloud just like other cloud storage apps.

Contacts can also be backed up. These backups can be restored at any time right from the app. To create a public link, right click on any file and select Get Link. You can then copy the link to your clipboard, or send it via email.

These links are managed from the account settings page and can be revoked at any time.

Start Backing up with Pogoplug

These connect to your router, and let you backup and access files on any attached hard drives. Devices need to be activated in your Pogoplug account settings. Speed Pogoplug is very, very fast. I was able to upload data at 8. Downloading files also maxed out my internet connection, at It remained at these speeds for the duration of my 10GB test file.

Unfortunately, files are not stored encrypted at all. Support Pogoplug has excellent tech support. I emailed their support department a couple times and was always impressed with the response time. Subscription plans gain access to live chat support, which is available 9 a.

Who Should Use Pogoplug?

pogoplug business plan

However, Pogoplug does have some downsides. The default backup sets exclude some files.Pogoplug currently offers three types of plans: one designed for a single user; a family plan, with a master account and at least one other user; and business plan, which can .

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Pogoplug is an easy to use service at an affordable price and could be worth a look for anyone that wants to backup their desktops and mobile devices with easy .

May 09,  · Cloud storage service and device maker Pogoplug is expanding beyond the consumer space today, to focus on the more potentially profitable business market.

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