Research paper on probators

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Research paper on probators

The specialist may help set up counseling for the offenders and their families, find substance-abuse or mental health treatment options, aid in job placement, and find housing.

Correctional treatment specialists also explain the terms and conditions of the prisoner's release, write reports, and keep detailed written accounts of each offender's progress. Specialists who work in parole and probation agencies have many of the same duties as their counterparts in correctional institutions.

Adapted from Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, at http: In this regard, one college student emphasized that, "Originally I went to school and interned to become a probation officer for juveniles, and realized that I would not long be happy with a career with so many impossible situations" Buron,p.

The "impossible situations" referred to by this student reflect the harsh realities that are involved in many probation officers' jobs. Moreover, because the majority of Research paper on probators may be juveniles, time is of the essence in helping these young offenders turn their lives around and avoid re-offending in the future.

Time, though, is one luxury that many probation officers do not enjoy and many are overworked in their current positions.

In this regard, the U. Bureau of Labor and Statistics cautions that, "Probation officers work with criminal offenders, some of whom may be dangerous. Workers in this occupation must meet many court-imposed deadlines, which contributes to heavy workloads and extensive paperwork.

Many officers travel, especially those who work in rural areas" Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists, Unfortunately, it appears that many if not most probation officers are overloaded with probation cases that prevent their spending as much time as they would like or prefer with each probationer to achieve optimal results.

For instance, Comey emphasizes that, "Although many probation officers would like to be more deeply involved in a juvenile's life, heavy caseloads can dismiss that idea" p.

Besides the day-to-day routine that may keep probation officers busy, they are also required to be available to courts of competent jurisdiction as well as to the probationers' families.

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For example, Cattermole reports that, "Criminal justice professionals are most often required to be responsive to crises throughout their week. Juvenile probation officers tend to spend a lot of time in meetings with children and families and in attendance at court" p.

Conclusion Taken together, the research made it clear that probation officers play a vital role in the nation's Criminal justice system, and the extent to which these professionals are able to do their jobs effectively may be the extent to which probationers will avoid reoffending and being reincarcerated in the future.

Because most of the cases that are assigned to probation officers involve juvenile offenders, these interventions represent a life-changing opportunity for these young people who may not ever get another second chance. The research also showed, though, that many probation officers have heavy caseloads that make them work hard for their money and the working conditions can be dangerous.

Research paper on probators

In the final analysis, the probation officer profession is not for everyone, but it does represent a viable career path for those with the right aptitude and desire. References Black's law dictionary.

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