Should newspapers be expected to reveal their sources

But the importance of sources to journalists cannot be understated: Even more so is the confidential source, who asks for anonymity because more often than not they are an insider, a cuckoo in the nest, and whose job or livelihood may be at risk if they are identifiable.

Should newspapers be expected to reveal their sources

The Imperial City Welcome to the Sausage Factory A lot of motley, sometimes suspect ingredients go into journalism, including anonymous sources.

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ShareThis In general, discussions of ethics in journalism make me want to reach for my revolver. Lately, however, the news itself has made the nuts and bolts of reporting a subject of watercooler chatter.

Let the symposium begin. Why do journalists use anonymous sources?

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Anonymous sources could be graphed on a bell curve running from dime-dropping scumbags to heroes, with the vast majority probably including W. So because anonymity makes it easier for sources to blab, it makes it easier for reporters to do their jobs?

Should newspapers be expected to reveal their sources

And in lots of cases makes it possible to do their jobs. Does anyone seriously propose a ban on anonymous sources?

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If you want a sense of how banning anonymous sources might transform journalism, USA Today provides a pretty good preview. There are ten or a hundred times as many on-the-record lies as unattributed lies in the press every day. In each case, though, the focus on some secondary violation has the effect of diverting public attention from the more serious original misdeed.

Consider an alternative history in the Newsweek case. What if the Bush-administration source had not misled the magazine? And so the incorrect story did not appear on May 2, and no riots broke out in Afghanistan.Reporters should not be forced to reveal their sources.

Jan 18,  · Should newspaper reporters be required to reveal sources/ English Choose one of the topics given, write an argumentative thesis, and support the thesis in a four- to six-paragraph argumentative essay. Topics for an Argumentative Essay Argue for or against one of the following topics, following the instructions in your assignment.  · Toronto — The International Federation of Journalists today called upon the South African authorities to withdraw subpoenas issued to journalists, which could force them to reveal their sources Newspapers, as their name suggests, provide us with News. This are more than just a sheets of paper lined with ink. It is of common knowledge that there is an expansion of interest with age. News reporters should not have to reveal sources if the person asks them not to or else

Sometimes when the little guy is exposing the big guy to be a crook it is in the best interest of society to protect the source in order to force But do you believe that all sources -- whether they are whistleblowers or government officials who want to get their point across, speaking off the record or expecting anonymity -- should be defended? /newswar/tags/  · An Editor and a reporter DO NOT have to reveal their sources unless it is a matter of National security and even then this source must be protected under our democracy.

The Magistrate knows that and I am sure she will rule  · It is therefore vital that journalists never reveal their sources of information.

However, a court or commission of inquiry may sometimes wish to know who gave certain information to the press.

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It may subpoena a reporter to appear and it may then ask for the source of the Volume 3/volume3_htm. Jan 23,  · Media should have some self regulations that should prevent them from false and biased reporting.

But for sure, if Media has to start revealing its source for every news, it would not get sources for its news. Unless directed by court of law in extremely important cases, media should not disclose its Resolved.

Journalists argue that their dealings with sources should be treated the same way as other testimonial privileges (attorney-client, physician-patient, priest-penitent) Remember: anonymous sources can be, and are often, used by

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