Supply chain management white paper

Britt, and Donavon J. As of now, it got more than citations from both scholarly articles and trade publications. To help managers decide how to proceed, we revisited the supply chain initiatives undertaken by the most successful manufacturers and distilled from their experience seven fundamental principles of supply chain management. Customize the logistics network to the service requirements and profitability of customer segments.

Supply chain management white paper

Quite often, this important task involves third-party logistics companies, which, while filling an important role, can also insert inefficiency and lack of visibility into the process. Sensors that can monitor the condition of products in shipment and cloud platforms that can optimize delivery routes are just some of the technologies that are currently disrupting the way supply chains are managed.

This granular insight into the supply chain, when coupled with cloud computing and data analytics, can inform predictive models that allow for up-to-the-second delivery information, which, in turn, can create efficiencies in staffing levels as it relates to monitoring and receiving products, as well as the availability of complementary assets, like a crane needed to unload a barge or a forklift to load a truck.

Fleet Management To fully understand the impact of fleet management, consider FedEx or DHL drivers tasked with moving light-trucks filled with packages around an urban area. Factors such as weather, traffic congestion, time of day, day of the week, and whether a co-worker called in sick can all change the time it takes to get packages from a warehouse to the customer.

Supply Chain Case Studies

However, cloud platforms that are fed data from the fleet, traffic models, weather reports, and other sources, can plot a much more efficient route. Packages get to the customer faster, ensuring a better end-user experience. Also, driver headcounts, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs can all be reduced.

Supply chain management white paper

Finally, fleet management allows operators to know, based on analysis, that asset reliability, availability, and efficiency are all optimized. Almost every potential customer engages in some form of supply chain management, equating to a huge addressable market.

Demand Planning & Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

Also, the necessary technology is well-understood, readily available, and easily integrated into existing enterprise IT platforms. As with many other enterprise and industrial IoT use cases, most of the major players are approaching supply chain management with an end-to-end solution, which is meant to ease adoption for buyers by bringing a turn-key solution from a single vendor point-of-contact.

While that sounds easy enough, this means the vendor, to truly bring an E2E offering, needs domain expertise in IP connectivity, cloud services, security, hardware and positioning.

This would let enterprise users easily develop and deploy devices tailor-made to support their particular role in the supply chain process.

Supply chain management white paper

Cisco The same techniques that help a delivery driver optimize his or her route can be used to help save lives. When an emergency call is routed to CALSTAR dispatch, the public safety answering point is geo-matched to the nearest air ambulance crew, which is, in turn, dispatched.

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The dispatcher can speak with the ambulance crew and emergency caller through one system, which facilitates communications about arrival and lift time, as well as helps the crew prep for dynamic emergency situations.

Operations has greater peace of mind and so do crews, because they know that our technology helps ensure their safety and security.A TMS is only as good as the people who power it. We make sure you have the most current technology available, along with the logistics expertise and professional services needed to continually improve the performance of your supply chain.

Market-leading financial supply chain management solutions from SAP Ariba give you the capabilities, intelligence, and global reach to transform your payables from liabilities into strategic assets. This white paper explores best practices in global healthcare supply chain management—what to focus on as an organization moves to reap the benefits of economically importing medical material and exporting products to .

A TMS is only as good as the people who power it. We make sure you have the most current technology available, along with the logistics expertise and professional services needed to continually improve the performance of your supply chain.

In this white paper from Cerasis, get an introduction to blockchain in supply chain management & logistics as well as the potential benefits & drawbacks. FedEx Supply Chain supports businesses of all sizes, from e-commerce order fulfillment to enterprise warehouse management.

An Intro to Blockchain Benefits and Drawbacks in Supply Chain Management