The tylenol scare essay

In October ofTylenolthe leading pain-killer medicine in the United States at the time, faced a tremendous crisis when seven people in Chicago were reported dead after taking extra-strength Tylenol capsules. The tampering occurred once the product reached the shelves. They were removed from the shelves, infected with cyanide and returned to the shelves Mitchell,

The tylenol scare essay

More Essay Examples on Public relations Rubric The company and the brand Johnson and Johnson is one of the most popular consumer brands around the world.

In the United States, the products being sold by this company are all widely patronized by its target customers. One of its popular products is Tylenol, an over the counter non-prescription drug taken usually to relive head aches. One The tylenol scare essay the most critical problems affecting public relations and publicity is the during-and-after periods following the breakout of the Tylenol Case.

The tylenol scare essay

Timeline The Tylenol Crisis started in September 29 of the same year after the first casualty in the cyanide-laced medicine was ingested by Mary Kellerman. This was followed by the death of Adam Janus.

Before there were any other casualties, the investigators were able to crack the mystery and pinned the reason to the ingestion of a poisonous Tylenol capsule. Four days after the last known casualty of the Tylenol medicine was reported, Johnson and Johnson were already pulling out Tylenol products in every shelves throughout the United States in a nationwide recall of the product.

Lewis, Roger Arnold and Laurie Dann. The players who got involved The important players in this particular problem includes Johnson and Johnson, McNeill Consumer Products and the brand name Tylenol; the law enforcement agencies involved in the investigation of the crime; the food and drugs bureaus and agencies of the government who participated in this crisis and proposed improved means and ways to guarantee safety especially among consumer products that are ingested; the family members of the victims of the Tylenol Crisis; the individuals who were red-flagged as possible suspects in the crime; and the target market that Johnson and Johnson was trying to reach.

The company was undertaking serious crisis management efforts through the use of extensive public relations efforts. Resolution The Tylenol Crisis was considered unsolved since no one was convicted for the crime.

But there were also positive developments resulting from this crisis, and the most important is the development of methods and systems to guarantee the quality of the products being sold in markets and department stores, especially food and drugs like Tylenol.

Another important resolution stemming from the Tylenol Case is the elevation of product tampering as a serious federal offense.

If the case was otherwise, then the analysis should point out possible reasons why the public relations crisis management of Tylenol infor this paper was not effective as planned.

Research — The problem from which the public relations crisis management of Johnson and Johnson stemmed from is the death of many customers in the Chicago and nearby area after ingesting the medicine Tylenol. This is a problem because companies are spending a lot of money investing on the creation of an image that the public can trust, so that the prospect of market growth and income of the company and its products are sustainable and profitable.

Without the trust and support of the customers, companies and their brands will face bankruptcy. This was the concern of Johnson and Johnson after the news of the Tylenol-related deaths surfaced. Johnson and Johnson were not only worried about the possible lawsuits that they will face in lieu of these deaths, worse, they fear about the impact and potential damage of such scandal in Johnson and Johnson and its products not just in the US, but around the world.

Because of the gravity of the impending financial backlash should the crisis is left unattended, the company quickly devised a crisis management plan centered on public relations and publicity efforts to ensure the public that 1 the situation is under control and that 2 the public is safe using and consuming the products made and sold by Johnson and Johnson.

Action — When the news of the Tylenol related deaths came out, the first and most important question that Johnson and Johnson needed to answer was this: The second objective was to handle the crisis in a fashion that would allow the company to rebuild the product and regain, if possible, its market share of analgesics Bostock,p.

Instead of playing the role as corporate leader or legal defender, he played the role of a public-health protector Fitch, McCurry,p. This is to ensure that the communications efforts of the company to placate its customers and assure them that everything is being done to restore quality and safety in the products of Johnson and Johnson saturated the target market.

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In taking this step, the company was in essence recognizing the depth of the tragedy and the intensity of public feelings which had been aroused. They were able to use and maximize the resources that the company can provide just to guarantee that the impact of the scandal was as minimal as possible.

Immediate marketing efforts and marketing strategies that supplemented the public relations efforts of the company to stave off the ill-effects of the Tylenol Crisis towards the selling power of the brand and its sister products can be considered effective. Tylenol, as a brand, managed to recover from the crisis and is still being patronized until today.CONTENT Introduction to Johnson & Johnson Tylenol Tylenol crisis Impact of crisis Steps undertaken to control the crisis Role of PR department Function of PR Features of successful handling of crisis Re- introduction of Tylenol conclusion Johnson & Johnson It is an American multinational pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged.

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The tylenol scare essay

I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through. In the fall on , seven people died mysteriously around Chicago?s West Side. Officials determined that each person who died had ingested an Extra-Strength Tylenol capsule, a product of the Johnson & Johnson Company, laced with cyanide.

Free tylenol papers, essays, and research papers. Tylenol is still recommended by doctors even though there was a cyanide scare in the history of the company.

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This research paper analyzes the ethical issue that took place in , many people know it as the Tylenol scare of

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