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And then the doctor delivers the news: Your baby will be born with Down syndrome, deafness, or dwarfism. How do you react? And yet, movies have been beating this same drum for decades.

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They offer perhaps the easiest and most effective opportunity to identify with people who are different from ourselves — not just children, but adults as well. But there came a point when he stopped developing like other kids, and his mother quite candidly shares how difficult that was for her to accept.

The film follows year-old Loini, who was born with dwarfism, to a Little People of America convention, where this young woman who grew up feeling alone is delighted to discover others like herself. There, Dretzin shifts her attention to Leah and Joe, who met and fell in love at one such gathering, and who are now trying to have a child together.

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Dretzin rounds off the group portrait with a young man named Trevor, who was arrested for killing an 8-year-old boy. And for that matter, are the challenges of raising a deaf child similar to parenting someone with Down syndrome? Based on the book by Andrew Solomon.

Sam Russell, Wolfgang Held.

T/thesis-direct-1000.txt 1000

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