Understanding company dress code

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Understanding company dress code

Getty Images Editor's note: The piece below was originally published at the advice column I run, Ask a Manager. After it was printed there, it went viral and turned into fodder for barbs about how young people today are overly coddled, immature, and entitled. Some commenters blamed college campuses for teaching students that anything they don't like can be solved with a petition for change--as if this generation was the first to have discovered protesting, and as if agitating for change is inherently a bad thing.

My belief, as the advice columnist who answered the original letter, is that this isn't about "young people today.

Understanding company dress code

It's just about being young and new to the work world. Most of us made plenty of mistakes when we first started work--I know I did.

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That's not to say that there's no entitlement in this letter. There's entitlement and naivete in generous quantities here. But it doesn't warrant condemning an entire generation or writing off this young person as someone who won't learn how to better navigate workplaces as he or she gets more experience.

Here's the letter that caused all the commotion, and my response. I was able to get a summer internship at a company that does work in the industry I want to work in after I graduate. Even though the division I was hired to work in doesn't deal with clients or customers, there still was a very strict dress code.


I felt the dress code was overly strict but I wasn't going to say anything, until I noticed one of the workers always wore flat shoes that were made from a fabric other than leather, or running shoes, even though both of these things were contrary to the dress code.

I spoke with my manager about being allowed some leeway under the dress code and was told this was not possible, despite the other person being allowed to do it. I soon found out that many of the other interns felt the same way, and the ones who asked their managers about it were told the same thing as me.

We decided to write a proposal stating why we should be allowed someone leeway under the dress code. We accompanied the proposal with a petition, signed by all of the interns except for one who declined to sign it and gave it to our managers to consider.

Our proposal requested that we also be allowed to wear running shoes and non leather flats, as well as sandals not flip-flops though and other non-dress shoes that would fit under a more business casual dress code.

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The next day, all of us who signed the petition were called into a meeting where we thought our proposal would be discussed. Instead, we were informed that due to our "unprofessional" behavior, we were being let go from our internships.

The proposal was written professionally like examples I have learned about in school, and our arguments were thought out and well-reasoned. We weren't even given a chance to discuss it. The worst part is that just before the meeting ended, one of the managers told us that the worker who was allowed to disobey the dress code was a former soldier who lost her leg and was therefore given permission to wear whatever kind of shoes she could walk in.

You can't even tell, and if we had known about this we would have factored it into our argument. I have never had a job before I've always focused on school and I was hoping to gain some experience before I graduate next year.

I feel my dismissal was unfair and would like to ask them to reconsider but I'm not sure the best way to go about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Firing the whole group of you was a pretty extreme reaction, but I can understand why they were highly annoyed.

Y'all were pretty out of line. You were interns there--basically guests for the summer. Their rules are their rules.

Understanding company dress code

This is like being a houseguest and presenting your host with a signed petition! You just don't have the standing to do that. To be clear, that doesn't mean that you need to suck up any and every condition of an internship.

But this wasn't something like asking you to do unsafe work or work unreasonable hours; this was asking you to abide by what sounds like a very common and reasonable professional dress code.Adding a dress code policy to your employee handbook will not only make it easier to address employees who may not be following the policy, but it also gives them a better understanding of what is or isn’t acceptable attire for the workplace.

PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Dress Code Powerpoint' - Patman Business Dress Code - Quick Guide Advertisements Next Page Business Dress Code Introduction The most noticeable difference among college-going students who have just stepped out of a school is that they do not need to follow a specific dress code any more. Colleges usually relax the dress code restrictions, as a result of which, some can practically drag themselves from the bed straight to the college.
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A Guide To Social Dress Codes For Men | Black Tie | Business Dress Codes | Casual Dress Code In some professions, a company dress code is a health and safety necessity. Firefighters, for example, must don protective gear, and medical staffers need to be properly equipped when interacting with patients.

Jun 14,  · Boys run afoul of dress codes when they flout authority: “hippies” defying the establishment, “thugs” in saggy pants. For girls, the issue is seductiveness, and that, too, has become. For example, if you're interviewing at a creative, young startup company, consider wearing a pair of clean slacks and a polished button-down shirt.

Feb 16,  · Forbes CommunityVoice A company dress code is an extension of your brand. When employees complained about our dress code, I asked them to present logical reasons to amend it. Their reasoning. If I'd explained the company dress code when she was hired, then none of the awkwardness would have occurred.

Company Dress Codes Make People More Comfortable Lots of people, especially in small businesses or startups, don't want to have a dress code because it seems stuffy, old fashioned, and uncomfortable. Company dress codes are common in Ireland and can be adopted for various reasons, including health and safety reasons, to promote professionalism or to communicate a consistent corporate image.

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