Write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

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Write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Source Overview Kidnapping is a global and historic issue in Federal Republic of Nigeria, America, Mexico, and other parts of the world and good governments are doing as much as they can to ensure that the kidnappers are captured and punished. Kidnapping is abducting and holding anybody captive, typically to obtain a ransom.

Sometimes kidnappers hold their captives longer in order to demand more from the relatives of the victim. There are many causes of kidnapping, among them are unemployment, poverty, religion, political issues, and so on.

The practice can be reduced with governmental involvement. Kidnapping in Nigeria Kidnapping is not new in Nigeria and is one of the country's big challenges.

Nigeria faces problems in education, unemployment, and corruption, but kidnapping—thanks to high-profile incidents perpetrated by Boko Haram—has drawn the attention of both Nigerians and international organizations.

Facts and figures show that the kidnapping frequency in the country is high. In recent years, attention has turned to this issue in this part of Africa which is mostly carried out by Boko Haram. Both national and international bodies are coming together to see if the incidence can be reduced.

Chad, Cameroon, and the United States recently joined in the fight. Boko Haram's kidnappings are both political and religious, according to both to their own leaders and the Nigerian government.

The kidnappings are political because politicians who are bad eggs want to destroy the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan. The attacks and kidnappings are at the same time religious because of the group's fundamentalist Islamism. On the night of Aprilabout 16 to year-old Chibok school girls were kidnapped by the Boko Haram.

Sometimes, ordinary citizens participate in this crime in order to fill their pockets, usually youths employed by rich men who conduct kidnapping as a modern business. He stated that when they were asked why they did it, they said they needed money, and they did not have any jobs because of high unemployment in the country.

The government of the Anambra state in Nigeria recently made a new law altering the punishment any perpetrator caught in the act of kidnapping will receive. The law was made during the leadership of Governor Peter Obi of APGA and said that any person caught in the offense of kidnapping will be sentenced to death and anything bought with the ransom money, like a house or car, will be destroyed.

Kidnapping Worldwide The rate of kidnapping in Europe, North, and South America is attracting the attention of people all over the globe. Some people have made a lot of money this way and some have taken it as their businesses. In Mexico, with its history of drug-war violence and corrupt police, kidnapping is an old story.

Mexico suffered an estimatedkidnappings in U. S Department of State, InMexico officially recorded 1, kidnappings, the highest number on record Washington Post, The disappearance of children in the United States is not unheard of, either, and it is one of the things that the security apparatus in that country is working to overcome.

write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

According to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, roughlychildren are reported missing each year in the US. The act of kidnapping has made so many people lost their sense of reasoning. That was seen in the incidence that took place in the United Kingdom where a woman kidnapped her own daughter.

Quoting from among the lines of the news report, "Karen Matthews was jailed for eight years for her part in faking the kidnap of her own daughter in Is she normal at all?

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The answer is that she kidnapped her own daughter just for business. The answer to the second question is that she was completely normal. What a shallow thinking. She planned to share the ransom with her relative Michael Donovan who entered the plot with her. They wanted to walk away with the money reward made by the government to who would find the child.

According to the Offender Management Caseload Statistics, UK had recorded about 57 convicted kidnappings cases between Kidnapping has also affected those that occupied top positions in some countries. This can either be directly or indirectly.Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity.

Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Climate Change; Why Climate Change Is Not Inevitable Why Climate Change Is Not Inevitable As Ursula K. Le Guin reminds us, any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Writing; Corruption In Nigeria Essay examples; abject poverty and -political instability are the three leading effects of corruption in the Niger delta region of Nigeria.

Kellogg Brown & Root in Nigeria Corruption Case The firm Halliburton acquired Dresser Industries in the year of Among Dresser’s businesses was M. W.

write an article on corruption in nigeria politics

Kellog. Kenneth Good looks back at the legacy of General Ian Khama, who has just announced that he will soon step down as president of Botswana, and concludes that the. Nigeria: corruption and insecurity. Corruption in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, simply bringing in financial help and military hardware from around the world to help locate the missing girls is only a stop-gap measure for Nigeria: it will not halt the endemic problem of corruption that fuels insecurity.

the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF. Transparency International is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption.

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